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Child led Collective Worship

Year 6 planning Class Collective Worship at lunchtime


Children Leading Collective Worship

Throughout the spring term (2019) each class led a collective worship based on the New Testament stories. We loved finding out about the miracles of Jesus.

6J-The Boy in the Temple
6D-Water into Wine
5C-The Storm on the Lake
4H-The Good Samaritan
4W-The Feeding of the 5000

Collective Worship

In 2018/2019, we have continued to plan and lead Collective Worship for our friends. We carried on working through the stories in the Old Testament. We particularly loved watching the dramas to learn about Scripture and learning new songs which our friends taught us. 

6J-'Joshua and the Walls of Jericho' (Joshua 6)

Prayer to pray after the Collective Worship:

Dear God, We know you can do anything; you can help us with the things that frighten and worry us. Please help us like you helped Joshua. Amen. 

6D-'David the Giant Killer' (1 Samuel 17)

Prayer to pray after Collective Worship:

Thank you for being there to help us. Thank You for showing us that we can achieve even the most impossible things when we have faith in you. Amen. 

5M- A Widow Shares her Last Meal (1 Kings 17)

A prayer to pray after worship:

Dear Father God, Thank you for all the food we eat. Thank you for the sun and rain to grow our food. Please look after all the people who don't have enough to eat. Amen. 

5C-Daniel and the Lions (Daniel 6)

A prayer to pray:

Dear God, Please help us to stand up for what we know is right and not to let other people put us off. Amen. 


A Prayer to pray

Dear God,

Help us to remember that you forgive when we say sorry. Please help us to forgive others too. Amen.

4W-A Brave and Mighty Man-Gideon (Judges 6 and 7)

A prayer to pray:

Thank you God that Gideon trusted you, even when he was worried about what you asked him to do. Help us to trust you when we find ourselves in difficult situations. Amen. 

3CB- Ruth (Ruth 1-4)

A prayer to pray:

Thank you God that you are with us and care for us. Thank you that you look after us just as you looked after Ruth and Naomi. Amen. 

Child Led Collective Worship Examples from 2017/2018

We love planning and leading Collective Worship! The Key Stage Two children from each class have been planning and leading collective worship for the rest of the Junior children. Each of the eight classes has taken a story from the Old Testament and led an exciting worship session. The children have been very enthusiastic and eager, developing wonderful skills as 'worship leaders' whilst listening carefully to their friends and involving them fully in the worship experience. Thank you children!


Mr Jones' Class-In the Beginning
Miss Dickinson's Class-A Sad Day-Adam and Eve
Mrs Canon's Class-A Special Promise
Mrs Murphy's Class-God's Friend-Abraham
Miss Hall's Class-Joseph the Dreamer
Miss Williams' Class-Joseph the Ruler
Mrs Edward's Class-The Secret Baby-Moses
Mrs Cooper's and Mrs Buckland's Class-The Great Escape

Worship Works

Each half term six children from each class will take the lead being 'worship leaders' for their class collective worship. They will each get a certificate during the year for achieving certain objectives. Please see the links below to see what your child will be doing to lead worship in each year group. You can also see the beautiful certificates they will receive. 

Worship Warriors 2017

Some of our children worked with Hannah from the Worship Warrior team to become worship leaders. The children then led collective worship in the hall.