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Topic: Healthy Me


LO: To take responsibility for my health and make choices that benefit my health and well-being


Task 1:

Make a list of things that you are responsible for. 


Some examples might be: getting up and dressed in the morning; making a packed lunch; packing a school bag; doing homework, looking after a pet, etc.


As you get older, you will be responsible for more parts of your lives. This includes looking after your health and keeping yourself safe.



Task 2:

Play ‘Guess what I am?' - you will find this game in the PDF document below.



Task 3:


An agony aunt is a person (it doesn’t have to be female) who gives advice. You may have seen or heard an agony aunt advice e.g. on the TV, online, TV, magazines etc.


You are going to act as an agony aunt and respond (in detail) to at least two scenarios. Make it clear which scenario you have chosen and write a written reply. When you do this, you should include advice about the character needing to take responsibility for the ‘problem’ and also offer them suggestions to improve the situation.