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Science Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty Page

for Science


Faculty Leaders

Mrs MacKenzie

Faculty Members:

Mrs Caulfield, Mrs Cannon de Sousa, Mrs Gaied, Mrs Holmes




At Emmaus Primary School our vision is to give children a Science curriculum which enables them to explore and discover the world around them confidently, so that they have a deeper understanding of the world we live in. To achieve this we provide exciting, practical hands on experiences that encourage curiosity and questioning. Our stimulating science curriculum nurtures their natural curiosity and on-going intellectual development. Through our hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum, our children will experience the joy of having wonderful ideas, exploration and investigation – that is, the joy of finding out and being scientists!


At Emmaus we recognise that the school grounds offer a rich resource which we can utilise to inspire and effectively meet the requirements of the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum Programmes of Study and we ensure our outdoor areas provide a stimulating environment to all ages and abilities.


We believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learners and who will explore the world around them and that these challenging experiences help our children secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary.

Primary Science Quality Mark


Emmaus Primary School have been awarded the Silver Award in the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)


Have a look at our PowerPoint we submitted for our award and see all the amazing things that happen in Science in our school!



Primary Science Quality Mark

Whizz Pop Bang!


We held a Whizz Pop Bang Assembly in school.  Our Science Ambassadors made their own scuba diver in a bottle and learnt about water pressure and density at the same time!


They found that squeezing the bottle makes the diver more dense by forcing water up into the straw, as well as compressing the air in the straw as well. When the diver becomes more dense than the water it starts to sink, until the pressure is released. When you stop squeezing the bottle, the pressure releases and the diver becomes less dense than the water and floats back up.


Have a look at the pictures of our experiments! Well done Science Ambassadors!

Our Science Ambassadors 


At Emmaus we have a team of outstanding science leaders who have a true love of science and love investigating and finding out the answers to the Big Questions we ask ourselves.  


Our Science Ambassadors are identified by the Science badge they wear and also the white laboratory coat they wear in their Science lessons.


They take part in our 'Whizz Pop Bang Assemblies', where they showcase to the school the experiments they have tried at home and what they have found out!


If you have a science question at Emmaus, you know who to ask!


Cardiology Day


In Year 6 we look at the topic of the heart and the circulation system.


We invited in the Cardiology Team from Broadgreen Hospital and they came in to show us how to dissect a heart and teach us about the working of the circulation system.  


We used pigs hearts as these are the closest in the animal kingdom to a human heart.


Throughout the day we looked at models of the heart, we completed experiments to see what movement would affect our heart and also looked at new initiatives to save peoples lives such as pacemakers.




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