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Ski Diary 2015



After a very long journey we arrived at Alpe d'Huez. The children were absolutely fantastic throughout their travels and we received many compliments on their wonderful behaviour from our fellow passengers. Some children managed to snooze on the coach while others enjoyed watching a film - 'The Night at the Museum'. The biggest ordeal proved to be the final leg of the coach journey up the mountain, "The 21 meanders made me feel like I was going to topple over the edge!" said Finley. Many of the staff and children alike covered their eyes! 


It wasn't long until we were settled into our dormitories, fed and relaxing while we waited to be fitted for our ski boots, helmets and skis. We're all hoping for an early night tonight and a good sleep to energise us for our first exciting day on the slopes tomorrow.


Check back tomorrow evening for a report on our adventure...



Wow! Look what we woke up to when we opened our bedroom curtains this morning...

Our first ski sessions today (morning & afternoon) were fantastic. The weather was gorgeous and the views spectacular. Everyone has managed to negotiate the drag lifts and ski back down the nursery slopes. We have been mastering snow ploughs and turns and only had a few crashes. Our appetites have been very healthy and we enjoyed pizza and chips for lunch. As we await this evening's dinner we're enjoying a beautiful sunset over the mountains and looking forward to our night's entertainment which is bingo. I'm certain we will all sleep soundly tonight!



As everyone back in Liverpool gets ready for school and work we're getting ready for another day of skiing. It's a hard life! Just as well we've got a good breakfast to prepare us for the busy day ahead...

Well you will not believe what your clever children have achieved today on only their second day on the slopes. We have been working on traversing, parallel turns and chair lifts! Every child has had a smile on their face and for every fall the children have got up and carried on. Their attitude has been admirable and you should all be very proud of them. We are!

Mr Williams was a little bit lazy today...he didn't feel like skiing down the mountain so he took a shortcut. The children were very impressed by his perfect landing! 




This morning it was the first of our two birthdays and the boy in question was celebrating it with his dormitory friends! What a fabulous way to spend your birthday - skiing in the sunshine!

Another brilliant day on the mountain and not one child is skiing on the nursery slopes, they are all climbing high in the various lifts and skiing down like pros!


The birthday treat when on the skiing trip is being allowed to throw one snowball at a teacher of your choice...there was really only one option, it had to be Mr Williams! Look at the size of the snowball!



We're over halfway through our trip now and the children are sleeping later in the mornings, worn out from the busy days and evenings here at Alpe d'Huez. Last night was film night and they watched Despicable Me 2 which was a good bit of down time.


This morning one of the girls' dormitories was holding a party for the birthday girl! What a special place to spend a birthday.

Fabulous skiing yet again. Even our beginner groups have managed to get off the easiest green pistes and onto the blue which is incredible. Behaviour when out on the mountain has also been excellent. Our birthday girl chose Mrs Buckland to be on the receiving end of the snowball and once again it was a super-sized snowball...ouch!
Ready for the disco!



Good morning from sunny Alpe d'Huez! We hear the weather back in Liverpool is not as nice as here. (Hee hee hee!) We woke up this morning to discover that we were ABOVE the clouds! As we look up the sky is clear blue with not a cloud in sight but there is blanket of cloud below us which is a peculiar feeling. 

More brilliant skiing and the parallel turns are really coming on now. The children are looking like professionals as they fly down the slopes. As we chatted on the way back to the hotel this afternoon the children were shocked to hear that they only have one day of skiing left. The time has flown and they have loved every minute of it.


We managed to take a group photograph of half of our skiing party...see if you can spot us! 


Tonight we had the chance to spend a bit of pocket money in the village of Alpe d'Huez. It was lovely to visit the chocolatier and patisserie, both of which had the children salivating. The souvenir shop did some good business as did the local supermarket. What was especially wonderful was to hear the children putting into practise the French language skills that they have learnt in school: I heard "C'est combien?", "S'il vous plait" and "Merci!" Fantastique!

What a great prize these two girls won in tonight's raffle!




It's been really tricky to waken the children this morning, they're all exhausted! Those who are awake have been busy packing, ready for an early start tomorrow morning. Time for a quick game of pool before breakfast. 

That's it! We're all down from the slopes after our final session and I can officially report that the worst injuries we sustained were a couple of splinters ... bruising being the only souvenirs we will be bringing home. Phew! Fantastic work kids! 
The children have been rewarded for their fantastic skiing, attitudes and behaviour at this evening's awards ceremony. What a wonderful end to a wonderful trip.

Best Room Award:

Disco Champion Award:

Quiz Champions Award:

Best Diary Award:


Best Pupil Award:

Best Technical Skier Award:

Most Improved Skier Award:



What an exciting trip we have had! This morning we woke early to leave the hotel at 5am for our transfer to Geneva. Almost everyone took advantage of the quiet coach to get a couple of hours of extra sleep. Once again we met fellow passengers on our journey who were keen to comment on the children's wonderful behaviour around the airport and on the aeroplane.


The levels of excitement rose as we neared Emmaus, everyone was desperate to spot their families. We did miss you!


Thank you to Mr Tony McKee (Mr McSki) and the Liverpool Primary Ski Course for organising such an amazing experience, one I'm sure the children of Emmaus will never forget. Thank you too to the Emmaus staff for all their hard work in making this such a huge success for all the children!

Farewell Alpe d'Huez!

LIVERPOOL beginners JP group

One of our instructors made this video of his beginners group...they don't look like beginners! More like pros!