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Special Services and Celebrations at Emmaus

Good Friday Service with Deacon Chris and the Year 4 children

On Friday 5th April, the year 4 children led us in a reflective collective worship. The children gathered everyone together and lit the candles to remind us of Jesus' love. We sang 'Here I am to Worship' and then the children read from the Bible about the events of 'The Crucifixion.' We watched the Crucifixion on Miracle Maker. Deacon Chris talked to us about the stations of the Cross. It was very interesting and all the children listened attentively. The children led us in prayers and then Chris closed our special time together with a blessing. Mr Williams is going to talk to us about Jesus' Resurrection when we return to school after the Easter holidays. Thank you to Deacon Chris and the Year 4 children. 


Ash Wednesday Service with Rev'd Laura and Deacon Chris

Our Year 3 children showed us some dramas where they were portraying acts of kindness. Rev'd Laura spoke to us about 'taking something up' for Lent instead of 'giving something up.' She asked us to do 'acts of kindness.' 

Epiphany Service with Rev'd Laura

Rev'd Laura came into meet class 4W to plan an Epiphany service for the whole school. 

The children re-enacted two Bible stories where people had 'an Epiphany moment' The Wise men realised that Jesus was the Messiah. Lots of people also realised that Jesus was the Son of God when they saw Him turn water into wine. (Jesus' first miracle) 

Christmas Service with Father Kenny

Father Kenny and class 4H delivered a beautiful service. We reflected on Jesus being a real person and probably the most famous person in the world. He is the person who divides history into BC and AD. When we open our presents, we can remember this story and that we are celebrating the birth of a remarkable man. We can also think about whether we want to get to know more about Jesus. 


Dear God, Thank you for giving Mary and Joseph the strength to follow your wishes. We pray that we will learn to listen to you more in our lives. Amen. 

Advent Service 2018

We enjoyed a beautiful Advent service with Rev'd Laura. 


We began our service with our 'Shalom' greeting and sang 'My Lighthouse.'


Rev'd Laura talked to us about Advent being a time of excited expectation for Christmas.


Then, Mrs Edward's class, who had spent last Thursday afternoon working with Rev'd Laura, explained the candles in the wreath. We learnt that the candles remind us of the Patriarchs, Prophets, John the Baptist, Mary and Jesus. 


We sang 'Light of the World' whilst Year 3 built the Advent Wreath.


We lit our first candle and had prayers read by the year 6 children. 


Rev'd Laura talked to us about what Advent means to us and then we watched Busted Halo video which explained Advent in 2 minutes.


Thank you to Rev'd Laura and all the children. 

Remembrance Service with Rev'd Laura
 We had a special service to commemorate Armistice Day. We welcomed Reverend Laura Leatherbarrow to school. 


We remembered that it is 100 years since the end of World War I. We were each given St John’s Gospel Bibles, which all servicemen were given. Rev'd Laura told us that the hardback Bibles sometimes protected the soldiers from bullets. We were shown a transparent soldier called Tommy and reminded that we musn't forget the fallen.


 Emily, in reception, took a photo of her Great, Great Grandad up to place on the worship table because she wanted to remember him. He fought in the First World War and was sent home after suffering the effects of shell shock.


Rev'd Laura taught us a new greeting and response- 'Shallom' and 'Peace be with you.' She spoke about how the Bible says, 'Blessed are the Peacemakers.' We were reminded that peace begins with us. We were asked to think about how fighting and being angry is never the answer, particularly when we are playing at break and lunch times. We sang, 'Make me a Channel of Your peace', 'We Remember' and held a minutes silence. 


Some of the children had written beautiful prayers which they read out. Thank you children. Please see the powerpoint for the children's prayers. 


Finally, we placed our poppies, which each class had made,  as a sign of remembrance. 

Some of the Prayers the children wrote and read out:

Dear God,

Let us give thanks to those that have fallen, and made sacrifices in order for us to live in freedom and peace.

Let us ensure their courage lives on.

Give us all strength to overcome evil.

May we all live in everlasting




By Grace Cliff


Dear God,
We pray today for those all over the world who have lost their lives in war.
We thank them for their sacrifice.
We pray for their families and friends and ask God to help them cope with their loss.
We thank them for their sacrifice. 
We pray for those all over the world who have returned from war injured or sick from their experience.
We thank them for their sacrifice. 
We pray that God will help them to overcome their experiences of war and hope that they receive the support they deserve to help with their recovery.
Their sacrifice should never be forgotten. 
  by Amy Dowling

Harvest Celebration 2018

We celebrated our Harvest Festival in school. We welcomed Reverend James Green to Emmaus to talk to the children. James explained why we have harvest and also how the Foodbank works in Liverpool. Thank you so much for all your generous foodbank donations, you really are truly amazing!

Reception Welcome Service

We shared a very special morning with our new Reception children and their families on 17 October for their 'Welcome Celebration'. The Year 6 House Captains talked about all the things that make our school special and Reception parents/carers lit a candle for their children as Rev Laura said prayers and blessed each family as they begin their new journey at Emmaus. The children loved showing their families how well they have settled into school and really enjoyed singing some favourite songs about our special friend, Jesus.

Reception Welcome Service

A visit from Fionna Pennie to lead Collective Worship


In the autumn term, Fiona Pennie, who is the Police Chaplain in the Merseyside region, came to lead Collective Worship time for Key Stages 1 & 2. She told us the story ‘Guess how much I love you’. Thank you to the teachers who acted as Big Nut Brown Hare! Thank you to the children who pretended to be Little Nut Brown Hare. After the story, we were all reminded that God’s love for us is as wide as our arms can stretch. We sang ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ & prayed for those we love.

A Visit from Mrs Deninson to lead Collective Worship about 'Love'


In the Autumn term, Mrs Denison came into lead collective worship for KS1 & KS2. She talked to the children about our Christian value of Love. The children were shown lots of things that we may love in life, such as pets and chocolate etc. We then listened to the story of the ‘Lost Sheep’. We were reminded that God loves us so much even if we lose our way. During reflection time, we made a heart shape with our hands and imagined all the people we love in the shape. We thanked God for our families and friends.