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Year 3


Your teachers this year are Mrs Edwards (3E) and Mrs Cooper and Mrs Buckland (3CB)

You will also be helped by Mrs Hill, Mrs Lockhart, Mrs Lees and Mrs Neil

Mrs Jabakhanji will cover the PPA for both classes

This Week: (11/2/19) 


  3CB 3E

Whole School Assembly

Spellings & timestables sent home

Whole School Assembly

Spellings & timestables sent home








KS2 Collective worship

KS2 Collective worship


Whole School Assembly Maths Celebration

Homework & reading books sent home

School closes for half term at 3.15pm

Whole School Assembly Maths Celebration

Homework & reading books sent home

School closes for half term at 3.15pm


Dates for the Diary:

Break up for half term on Friday 15th February at 3.15pm

Return to school on Monday 25th February

Liverpool University Maths Roadshow for Y3 on Thursday 28th February

Break up for Easter holidays on Friday 5th April at 1.30pm

This week's spellings: (To be tested on Friday 15th February)



















Please practise the 4x table and the related division facts for our class test on Friday.

We have really enjoyed exploring the Earth with Google Earth! See if you can find some places that you know!
No written homework was set this week. That is because we NEED you to practise your lines for our assembly this Friday. Say them slowly, loudly and clearly! You also need to practise the songs so we can impress our audience. The lyrics were sent home last week. To hear the tunes, click here or follow the tab at the top of this page.

We have moved on to division. This written method can be known as short division or THE BUS STOP METHOD. It helps us to divide larger two- and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number.


Start by dividing the number in the left hand column by the number outside of the bus stop. Work your way right. Don't forget to carry any remainders to the next column.

My Lighthouse

Still image for this video
We have absolutely loved singing this song in our collective worship!

This week we have been working on multiplying and not just our basic timestables. We have used this timestable knowledge to multiply by multiples. For example:

if we know 3 x 5 = 15

then we also know 3 x 5 0 = 1 5 0 

and also 3 x 5 0 0 = 1 5 0 0


We can multiply bigger two and three digit numbers using the grid method:


You can see us using this method in the photograph gallery.

Here is a quick guide to column subtraction which includes regrouping (formerly known as borrowing!) The actual method hasn't changed but the vocabulary that we use with children has. Stick to Hundreds, Tens and Ones again!
We are now working on addition using columns in our maths lessons. Please refer to this website (there's a video too) to explain the way that we teach this to the children. Adults, please note that we no longer use units but ones. The numbers are placed in columns which can be labelled HTO (hundreds, tens and ones) to retain the place value as we add larger numbers. 
Please ensure all items of school uniform and PE kit are clearly labelled with your child's name. This makes it easier for us to reunite pupils with any misplaced items of clothing!

The children have now been sorted into their school houses. They will stay in these houses for the remainder of their time at Emmaus and will work to earn house points, in their sporting and academic endeavours and through kind and thoughtful behaviour. These will also be the teams that they represent on sports day and in the inter-house football and cross country events that take place throughout the year.