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Year 3


Your teachers this year are Mrs Edwards (3E) and Mrs Cooper and Mrs Buckland (3CB)

You will also be helped by Mrs Hill and Mrs Lockhart

Miss Masterson will cover PPA for 3E and Mrs Jabakhanji for 3CB

Next week (22/1/18) 


  3CB 3E

Whole School Assembly

Spellings & times tables go home

Whole School Assembly

Spellings & times tables go home


Online Safety Session for parents 9am

Online Safety Session for parents 9am

Swimming lesson

Swimming lesson




Merit assembly


Reading books & homework given out

Merit assembly


Reading books & homework given out

Dates for your Diary:

Swimming lessons commence on Wednesday 10th January - don't forget your kit!

Online Safety Session for parents in the hall at 9am on Tuesday 23rd January

'Tangled Web' Online Safety performance for pupils on Tuesday 30th January (£2 contribution required)

Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 6th February

School closes for half term on Friday 9th February at 3.15pm

School reopens on Monday 19th February

Parents Evenings on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st March

School closes for Easter holidays on Friday 23rd March at 1.30pm

School reopens for Summer Term on Monday 9th April

This week's spellings: (Week 15 to be tested on Friday 26th January)












Please practise your 4x table and corresponding divisions for a test on Friday too.


Click on the image to follow a link to the new BBC Super Movers website pages. Its aim is to get children moving and there are lots of curriculum-linked song and movement routines designed to be used in the classroom or by all the family at home.


This song is perfect for our current mathematical topic - measurement. Have a try!

Last term Luke enjoyed coding using MIT's Scratch programme so much that he continued his work at home. He has programmed a car sprite to respond to his keyboard - to speed up and slow down and to turn left/right. Sadly Mrs Buckland and Mrs Gaied proved to be very poor drivers so we had to get Luke to demonstrate his app in action! Take a look at the video and prepare to be impressed. Great work Luke!

Luke's Scratch Project.flv

Still image for this video
Take on the role of post master. Correctly measure the length of the parcel and its weight before deciding on the correct postage stamp. This games requires Flash and cannot be played on a tablet, sorry.
Play 'Mostly Postie' and weigh the different parcels. Start easy with whole and half kilograms but we expect all of you to be able to weigh more accurately in grams too. Try all three levels. Not tablet-friendly, sorry. 
Test yourself as we look at capacity and taking measures. Which tools will you use and which units do we need?
Can you order these coconuts in different measures? Today we looked at ordering ml and l but you could try prices or length to test yourself! This game will work on iPads and tablets too smiley
We have now started learning about fractions in maths and have enjoyed identifying tenths as quickly as possible. This game can be played on a tablet too smiley
Practise your times tables against a family member or friend with this table tennis game. This works on iPads and mobile phones too smiley Watch out for the 'fast return' element of this game. It makes it really tricky! click on multiple balls to be tested on more than one times table.


The theme this year was "Read the the film!" and in Y3 we chose to read The Wizard of Oz. The children liked the book but said they loved the film! We learnt about the supposed faults of the characters then learnt about their strengths and this really helped us to improve our use of adjectives in our writing.

We enjoyed imagining where we would travel if we had our own pair of ruby slippers!


As always, the book fair was a big success with many children buying books and others finding titles that they would like for Christmas.


A visiting theatre company performed The Wind in the Willows for us which was lovely to watch.


Probably our favourite activity was reading to children from the Recpetion classes. We were able to work on all our fluency and expression that we have been practising in uided Reading lessons in class in order to make the stories as interesting as possible. we also made lots of new friends today!

The Wind in the Willows

Yet again Emmaus families have proved to be extremely generous and compassionate in thinking of others who, this Christmas, will not receive any gifts. We supported Operation Christmas Child by bringing in shoe boxes filled with presents for children aged 2-14 years. Class 3CB helped the School Council to carry these boxes to the van which transported them on the first leg of their journey, to the OCC warehouse in Speke. On Wednesday the School Council will visit the warehouse and learn what happens to boxes after they leave our school. Aimee and Alex from Y3 are looking forward to helping out!
We've spent time working on place value this half term. Here's a nice way to consolidate your knowledge of hundreds, tens and ones. By now you can all work with the hardest questions - numbers up to 999. This game works on iPads and mobiles smiley Beware - if you answer incorrectly then the shark will take a nibble of your boat!
We will be continuing to work with subtraction after the half term. See if you can speed up your knowledge of your subtraction number facts with this subtraction grid. Challenge yourself to play more tricky levels as you improve! This game works on tablets and mobile phones smiley
We will begin work on addition using the columnar method. This is not a game but shows you how we will set out our work and, most importantly, explains it for parents using the new wording of Hundreds, Tens and ONES. If our mathematical vocabulary can be reinforced at home then the children's learning will really come on in leaps and bounds.
This week we have been learning about one of the major world religion: Judaism. We have taken a virtual tour of a synagogue using Google Cardboard, designed our own synagogues, made a menorah, composed questions to ask our Jewish visitors and celebrated Shabbat with them. What a wonderful experience! We experienced what would happen in a Jewish home on their Sabbath day and sampled some challah, the plaited loaf of bread eaten on this special day. We also had a glass of wine (grape juice) and listened to the blessings in Hebrew. The Sharabi family kindly gave up their time to come in to Emmaus to teach us about their faith. Mrs Buckland and Mrs Edwards were especially grateful as the Y3 children asked such thoughtful and probing questions which our visitors were able to answer with knowledge and experience. It was a really insightful day.

National Poetry Day - Thursday 28th September

We have been reading a variety of poems and turned our hand to writing one on the style of Jackie Kay's 'Word of a Lie' poem. See if you believe us!!


3CB's Poem

I have a horse in my back garden and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Luke)

I can breathe in space and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Brandon)

I know what animals are saying and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Owen)

I can climb Mount Everest in 3 minutes and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Eliot)

I always say please and thank you and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Lottie)

I see people's bones without an x-ray and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Joel P)

I can jump from Liverpool to Australia and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Connor)

I live in a ginormous mansion and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Maggie)

I hate school and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Crystal)

I don't have hair as long as Rapunzel's and everyone says I don't and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Maisie CC)

I don't do my work in school and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Callum)

I can speak all the languages of the world and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Ruadhan)

I have bungee jumped off every building in the world and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Aimee)

I can walk on the roof and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Gianluca)

I am the best gymnast and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Maddison)

I can swim underwater from England to China and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Jaiden)

I never sneak chocolate out of the fridge and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Olivia)

I never throw a tantrum and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Ava)

I can eat everything in the world and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Ellis)

I can make chocolate in one second and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Molly)

I can eat all the Indian food I want and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Evan)

I am better than Messi at football and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Ethan)

I hate my teacher and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Kathryn)

I hate sweets and chocolate and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Maisie H)

I'm the best mathematician in the whole wide world and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Emily)

I know who's the best footballer in the world and that’s NO WORD OF A LIE (Josh)


You don’t have to believe me do you?  ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT


I am the biggest liar in my school and that’s  NO WORD OF A LIE

The children worked in pairs and moved around the hall to tackle a number of mathematical challenges, discussing them and solving them using teamwork. They had a wonderful time and were supported by a lot of puzzled and perplexed parents who found the tasks rather tricky! It's a good job your children are so clever! Thank you so much to all the volunteers and please don't worry if you were unable to help. 
Find out your Horrid Henry name here and check out the jokes!
We have been practising our number bonds to 10 and to 20 this week. The children enjoyed playing this game to test themselves and to improve their speed of recall. Have a try at home - this game works on tablets, mobile phones and computers. Click on the green circle to start then select make 10, make 20 or, if you feel like a challenge, make 100! smiley

Start of Y3 photograph!

Start of Y3 photograph! 1

The children have now been sorted into their school houses. They will stay in these houses for the remainder of their time at Emmaus and will work to earn house points, in their sporting and academic endeavours and through kind and thoughtful behaviour. These will also be the teams that they represent on sports day and in the inter-house football and cross country events that take place throughout the year.