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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


Are we damaging our world?


LO: To understand the threats to the health of our planet and some possible solutions.


Watch the opening sequence from David Attenborough’s 'State of the Planet'. 


Think about the following questions when you watch the video: 


  • What problems for the planet does David Attenborough describe?
  • Does he describe any possible solutions?

state of the planet ep1 part 1

Read the WWF 'Living Planet Report':

Think about the threats identified in the report, their causes, how this will affect us all and the possible solutions. What are the key points?  Use atlases or Google Maps to locate the countries and regions mentioned. 


Using an A4 blank world map (see below) and an A4 or A3 piece of paper, record the key findings from the report. 



  • Solutions and/or success stories such as the gorillas
  • Problems 
  • Consider the causes of the issues
    •  e.g. Why have so many habitats been destroyed? Does habitat destruction meet the needs of local communities or is it for other purposes? For instance, habitats in Africa and South America are often logged for their hardwoods to be exported to Europe for furniture making.