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Rhythm and Rhyme

Getting a sense of rhyme and rhythm is an essential part of learning how to read.  Children benefit from hearing rhymes, familiar rhymes and new rhymes.  Have fun reading and singing together. 


It can be beneficial to read it yourself first and then read it to your child. 

You could clap along or bang a pan to the rhythm of the rhyme.  

If you read a familiar rhyme can you pause at the end of the line and can your child fill in the rhyming word?  You could ask your child to clap when they hear a rhyming word. 


Maybe at the end of the week you could perform your favourite rhyme for a family member? 

Games to Play

There are many games to play with your child.  At Nursery our aim is that the children:

• Enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities.

• Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration.

• Recognises rhythm in spoken words.

• Listens to and joins in with stories and poems, one-to-one and also in small groups.

• Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.


Once they can do the above objectives the next step would be:

• Continues a rhyming string.