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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Collective Worship

Find a place where you can be still, without interruptions.

You might like to light a candle as you begin to remind you that Jesus is the Light of the World. 



We live in a world where some people are wanting to be noticed. Yet the real heroes (as we have seen over the last year) are the everyday people who care and think of others. Many Christians across the world believe that Jesus is a ‘Servant King’ – one who both showcased and valued humility, calling others to follow his example, too. Being humble means having a realistic picture of ourselves – to be mindful of the times we do amazing things (wow!), the times we fail (ow!) - and seeks to build others up, rather than looking for fame or recognition.




‘The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.’ (Pope Francis)



The song explores a Christian understanding of humility. It focuses on the belief that Jesus lived as ‘a servant King’, and how he calls others to follow his example of service and humility.

The Servant King (by Graham Kendrick) - Lyric Video

A lyric video of Graham Kendrick's "The Servant King", which is sometimes called "From Heaven You Came". This is one of his best known songs, and is availab...

‘Fix You/ Bridge Over Troubled Water’ sung by the NHS Choir – two beautiful songs about thinking of others, interwoven and sung by everyday heroes:

NHS Choir - A Bridge Over You #LoveYourNHS 2015 #XmasNo1

Official #XmasNo1 2015 #LoveYourNHSConcept & Production by @TheGateFilms & @OneMinuteBriefsDirected by @DingoBill



  • Do we sometimes like to show off?
  • Do we like to be the centre of attention?
  • Do we like to show that we are better than others?


I wonder how we might acknowledge our imperfections this week? I wonder how we might build others up this week, putting them before ourselves?





Loving God,

you know we are not perfect. You see our mistakes and you know our thoughts and you know how great we sometimes want to be. Help us to change our perspective so that we take our eyes off the wonder of ourselves, looking at the wonder of others instead. Help us to see greatness in everyone, seeing your life within each person we meet.