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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Minibeast Creative Ideas

Bug Hotels

Cosmic Kids Yoga all about BUGS! 🐜🐞🕷🐝🐛

It's all about the BUGS in this compilation of awesome yoga videos for kids! We've got ants 🐜, stick bugs, spiders 🕷& bees 🐝 all ready to help us enjoy stretching & moving our bodies and looking after our minds as well!

Creative Crafts


Finger Painting:

Can you create a minibeast?  Below are lots of different ideas that may inspire you.  

Can you draw and cut out a snail.  Decorate it by finger painting.  

Painting Fun:

Can you create a painting of the minibeasts you know?  You could look at some pictures in your books or online with your family before you paint.  Think about how many legs they have.  What patterns are on their bodies?  Do they have antenna?  



Rock Bugs

Can you paint stones and turn them into bugs?  Do you need to look at the bugs in your books or online with a member of your family?  Look at the patterns on them and see if you can paint them on?




Biscuit Decorations

Can you decorate a biscuit to make it look like a minibeast?  


You could make simple biscuits or see what you have in your cupboards to use as legs and wings.  You may have biscuit cutters or playdough cutters you could use to bake your own minibeast biscuits. 

What colour icing will you need?  

Will you use chocolate fingers as legs or ice cream wafers as wings?  

Have lots of fun.