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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Meet the Team

Dates for your diary


Own clothes day - Friday 29th June




What a fantastic party day we have had! In year 2 for maths party day, we made pizzas and did some shape art. All of the children also made posters to talk about what maths is involved in cooking a pizza - they talked about measurement, time, fractions, shape, symmetry and pattern. A wonderful day celebrating our maths achievements this year as we also presented our times tables certificates. A special mention had to go to Rhys in 2D today - he has become the school's top scorer on TT Rockstars and was praised in a whole school assembly after challenging junior children on times tables in front of the whole school. He is a hard worker that's for sure! Well done Rhys!

In 2M, we became actors, directors, narrators and sound technicians as we acted out Horrid Henry scenes!

In 2D, we became actors, directors, narrators and sound technicians and acted out Horrid Henry!

In Year 2, we had so much fun for Science Day as we built structures using spaghetti and marshmallows!

In 2M, we used our inference skills in literacy in order to decide if Horrid Henry is truly horrid!

2M work scientifically in the outdoor area with Miss Gronow as they conduct a minibeast hunt!


In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. This week, we were investigating the outdoor area to research the different types of microhabitats on our school grounds.  We used magnifying glasses to explore the minibeasts within their microhabitats.  We worked together in groups to compare different microhabitats and recorded our findings using our clipboards. We really enjoyed working outside!

Sorting 2D shapes in 2M

In 2M this week, we have been sorting 2D shapes by making our own criteria. We sorted shapes based on whether they were regular, irregular, polygons and quadrilaterals. We really enjoyed being shape detectives! Well done 2M.

Word classes in Year 2

In year 2 today, we became word class investigators and had to sort lots of different words into the correct word tense. We are really improving our word detective skills! Well done!

Literacy isn't always indoors!

In year 2 we have been writing instructions to show how to play a game. We decided to make up our own playground games and write out the instructions so another group could play! We had lots of fun creating the games, writing rules and we especially loved having lots of time to play the games in the sunshine!

Show and tell in 2M

The children in year 2 were really proud to show everyone what they have been reading, and the awards they have won this week. Well done!

Dancing at play time!

We are very lucky to have some very talented dancers in our year group! There is always time for the girls to show us their amazing talents!

Police horses visit Y2

On the last day of term, Police officers from Merseyside Police came to visit our school. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to ask them some questions about the horses they brought with them. 

Easter art competition


Miss Fitzgerald and Miss Martin had a very tough job choosing their winners for the art competition today! All of the entries were amazing and the children had put in so much effort! We were super proud of all of the children's work. The prizes up for grabs were a sketchbook, pencils and oil pastels.


The winner from 2M was Scarlett! The little washing line in her Easter garden made Miss Martin smile. Well done Scarlett!


2D's winner was Josh! His Easter bonnet was lovely and had some great tiny detail on. Well done Josh!

Art competition: The winners!

Swimming Gala

Year 2 Swimming Gala


This week 13 year 2 children took part in a swimming gala against many schools from across the city. Mrs Parry and Mrs Woods accompanied the children to Wavertree Aquatics Centre where they competed in lots of different styles of races in the water, including running, jumping, pushing a ball, blowing a float and many others! 


Of course, the children did so well and Emmaus came 2nd! 

What an amazing achievement for the school!


2M Materials investigation

2M spent time this week investigating different materials and writing about their properties. They investigated glass, metal, stone, wood and lots of different types of fabric. They talked about man made and natural materials and how important they are. Great work 2M!

Wear Blue for Bobby!

We celebrated Wear Blue for Bobby day today in school and read the book Superbob. We talked about how to cross roads safely and what we need to do to stay safe when we are out and about! The children talked about this together and it was lovely to hear a great discussion going on! Well done year 2.
The children worked really hard today and had the chance to play some maths games in their classes to consolidate their learning around time. Well done!

Miss Gronow makes mother's day cards with 2M

2M had a lovely afternoon today, making cards for someone special with Miss Gronow. They used lots of different art materials to create different textures to their work. We had a lovely and relaxed afternoon creating something nice for the children to take home. We hope you like them!



Year 2's visit to the Beatles story and the childhood homes of the Beatles was a great day! We had a fantastic time dancing the twist and listening to vinyl records. The children were a just a little embarrassed when Mrs Neil and Miss Fitzgerald started dancing too though! We toured the exhibition using the headsets and watched videos and talked about what we were learning before visiting the discovery zone. All of us had a great day!


A big thank you goes to the school staff, parents, volunteers and Beatles story staff for a great day.



Many thanks to all the parents who came into school to take part in our 'Maths in Real Life' Roadshow. 

The children in Year 2 had an amazing time talking to the parents and playing some challenging activities. 


Quiet Critters come to visit 2D

Class 2D have had the fantastic opportunity to have a visit from the quiet critters. They come to look at children while they are working if they are being super well behaved and doing their work with fantastic concentration. Well done 2D! The quiet critters are very impressed!

The children enjoyed a visit from Tempus Fugit this week. The play, based on the diary of Samuel Pepys, taught the children a lot about the Great Fire and they enjoyed sharing their knowledge with each other in discussions after the play. The children all worked really hard on this topic and it has been lovely to see them enjoy it so much. 

Art Work in the style of Matisse

The children in Year 2 posed like athletes, made drawings of mannequins in similar poses and cut out their collages. We arranged our cutouts on paper and stuck them in place, just as Henri Matisse did when he used this 'drawing with scissors' style. 

Our wonderful collages are on display in the cloakroom for all our families to enjoy. 

Drawing with Scissors in the style of Matisse

Designing and Making Healthy Sandwiches

As part of our 'Super-fit Me' topic, we found out about healthy foods and how to have a balanced diet. Before we designed our sandwiches, we had a taster session where we tasted different breads, spreads, fillings and salads so we could choose a good balance of foods for our sandwich. Our challenge was to try a new healthy food that we don't usually eat at home and to try new combinations of foods in our sandwich. 

Before 'Absolutely Catering' came for our workshop, we had chosen the foods for our sandwich and drawn what it would look like. Making the sandwich was great fun, because we had to put it together ourselves and make it look appetising. We looked at how Mrs Clifton presents her sandwiches in the school kitchen for some tips. When we had made the sandwich we thought about how successful it was and how it could be improved. You can see from our photos what a fun day it was and we all had a go at trying something new and making it look as tasty as possible. 

Year 2 visit the Cheshire Reindeer Lodge 


The children enjoyed a early Christmas extravaganza this week when they visited the popular Reindeer Lodge in Cheshire. They learned lots of interesting facts about Reindeer and the conditions in which they live in the North Pole. 

The children were then treated to an amazing Christmas show with elves Bernard, Brains and Candy.  The laughed, danced and sang their hearts out! It was an absolute joy for all, including some of our fantastic parents who came along to help. 

Just when we thought the day could not get any better in came Mr Santa Claus himself! 

Santa was so impressed with all of our children he promised them they would all be on his good list and each of our children received a present from him. 

The trip and the children's joy was truly captivating. 

Once again all the children were congratulated on their exemplary behaviour and wonderful manners.

Look at Harrison who took the stage by storm!

Christmas homework activities 2017

Parent Evening 2017

2M Perform Winter Wonderland Poetry

Enjoy 'Let me tell you a story' music for Christmas while you enjoy the children's laughter and superb performances

It has been such a magical first term. The children are amazing.

We would like to wish all our children and parents a wonderful Christmas time and a peaceful New Year.

Thank you all for our generous gifts and cards.


We will all be merry!

Miss Martin

Ms Duffy

Mrs Parry 

Mrs Hunstone

Mrs Wylie

Mrs Lees

Mrs Foster

Mrs Neal