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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Photograph Gallery

Awards Assembly

Well done to all for politeness, effort, behaviour and general hard work!

What a reward for our Enterprise Week hard work!

Our class pet has arrived....and it's a JAGUAR! We received lots of information about these endangered animals and we look forward to taking him up to Y4 with us. He now has a name, James the Jaguar!


Fortunately, we had enough money left over to buy some ice-creams and lollies. Unfortunately, the school kitchen's freezer broke down and we had to eat them BEFORE we had our lunch!!! Sorry if any children returned home without having all their packed lunch.

Our new class pet

We went on a virtual pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem which is identified as the place both of the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.


Creating special areas for prayer outside on the school field using natural materials.

Matching tenths, hundredths and thousandths as decimals and fractions

The bath bombs have dried! Look how professional they are! They will be on sale for the rest of the week outside class 3CB. Come and buy one!

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Class 3CB have been enjoying @BluePeter Book Award winning book 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. Today we tried a pomegranate, just as they did in the story....and it was delicious!

Enterprise Week - Class 3E's framed pictures

Roman Army Re-enactment!

Easter Art Competition

Liverpool University Maths Workshop

Maths Day

Getting ready for our Y3 assembly!

Epiphany Service at the Anglican Cathedral

We have designed and made a soup suitable for giving to homeless people. It had to be warm, nutritious, inexpensive to make and most importantly, delicious! After chopping lots of different vegetables (including onions, butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette, carrots and swede) we fried then boiled them up with some stock. The smell was amazing and we couldn't wait to try it.


It was worth the wait - it was delicious. "A little bowl of goodness!" was how Freya described it!


We enjoyed eating doughnuts today to celebrate the Jewish festival of light: Hanukkah. The doughnuts were cooked in oil which reminds us of the miracle of the oil in the temple...there was just enough to light the lamp for one day yet the lamp remained lit for 8 days!

Grid method multiplication

Testing materials for magnetic properties in our science experiment.

3CB's Collective Worship

Reading to Reception

As part of Book Week the children in Year 3 spent time reading books to the children from the Reception classes. They were encouraged to share their books and to read with expression, asking questions to the younger listeners. This was an experience enjoyed by all the pupils!

Learning about Baptism

As part of our Judaism week, Y3 enjoyed a very special visit from the Sharabi family. They celebrated Shabbat with us and answered lots of our questions about what it is like to be Jewish. The children got to taste Challah bread and drank some grape juice. We discovered many similarities between Judaism and Christianity as well as the more obvious differences. Thank you to Edden, Ben and Oz for helping us to learn about other world religions - so much more exciting than just reading a book or watching a video!

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

End of RE topic fun!


Liverpool Police Band Concert

We watched a wonderful concert performed by the Liverpool Police Band and enjoyed lots of tunes that we recognised including the theme to Harry Potter and YMCA! It was great to see the instruments up close and to hear the conductor explain about each one.