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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

The Jefferson's House

Question Time

Use the questions below to prompt you to think about what you can see.

1. What happens at the Jefferson House when the family are all out?

2. How many of these ‘little people’ are their?

3. Is it just at the Jeffersons’ house that they live?

4. Do the family know that they are not alone in their home?

5. How do the ‘little people’ avoid being seen?

6. What would happen if one of the Jeffersons made the discovery?



Sick Sentences

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?


When the family were out, something happened. Little people came out.

They filled the sink. They played in the sink. They sat by the sink. They had a great time.



Sentence Challenge

What sounds might you be able to hear if you were there?


Can you write a paragraph describing the sounds that might be coming from the bathroom at this moment in time?



Story Starter

Use the paragraph below as a start to a story you can write! 


When the Jefferson family were out, their house came alive with activity.

Every morning, when Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson headed off to work, and their two children ran along to the bus stop to catch their ride to school, the signal for ‘all clear’ would sound, and out of the woodwork the little people came…



The Perfect Picture

Can you draw a picture showing where these ‘little people’ live inside the Jeffersons’ house? Might it be somewhere hidden away? Somewhere they would never look?