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Jigsaw Unit: Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals: Lesson 1


1. Think about the following questions:

  • What personal or learning strengths do you have?
  • How does your strength make you feel?
  • How might it help you achieve a dream or goal?
  • Are you feeling calm, focussed and ready to learn?
  • What is a realistic goal? Do you have a realistic or unrealistic goal?



2. Look at the ‘Goals Shield’.

Think of four goals for yourself – two goals need to be school-based or learning goals, e.g. to speak confidently, to become better at spelling, to challenge myself with my punctuation, to focus fully on my tasks, etc. The other two goals can be aspirations for outside school, e.g. to gain my yellow belt in Karate, to play more with my brothers and sisters, to gain a piano/music certificate, to look after my pet dog etc.


Write, draw and colour in the spaces provided to create a  ‘goals shield’ that is personal to you.