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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Celebrating Eid

Celebrating Eid Mubarak


Luma and Farah, Raghad and her Mum came to talk about  Eid and their family celebrations. Farah and Raghad wore their new Eid dresses. They looked beautiful! Raghad's Mum explained about the special meal of chicken and rice on the first morning of Eid and that the children are given money and sweets from their families.

Eid Mubarak means 'Happy Time' and it lasts for three days. Raghad's grandparents and cousins celebrated Eid with her. Luma and Farah showed their henna tattoos, 'I have henna tattoo, it takes 30 minutes each time and they are part of Eid.' Farah explained how the patterns are made using stencils. Raghad's mum showed pictures of baby feet and hands with henna designs.

Farah explained, 'My Grandad came from Bagdad, he brought me a dress, my two aunties Nada and Huda made it.' (Farah's outfit is called hashmi.)  Farah had a special meal made of beef and vegetables and an Eid pudding called baklava, made of pastry, honey and nuts.

'On Sunday I am going to the Mosque,' Farah said, 'The difference between a mosque and a Christian church is they believe in different religions.'

The children made cup cakes from flour, cocoa powder, margarine, eggs and sugar for the Eid party. Almost everybody opted to use the electric whisk with Mrs Caulfield's assistance!



Morning Nursery Learning About Eid And Baking Cakes For The Party