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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Year 2

Meet the Year 2 team

Welcome to the class page for 2D and 2M. 

Have a look and see what we have been up to so far this year!



Homework is given out on a Friday and should be returned on Wednesday morning. 

If your child is given a daily reading book, please ensure this is returned to your child's class teacher each morning.


Important dates for your diary:


Y2 Assembly for parents has now been moved to the afternoon of 2nd July. 




A huge thank you goes to Mr Williams and Mrs McKenzie for organising a visit from the ice cream van for year 2 at the end of the half-term. The children were treated to an ice cream with sauce, sprinkles and a flake for all of their hard work this year. They have made us all so proud and they have most definitely earned a sweet treat! Well done Year 2!

Rockcliffe Raptors Visit

Year 2 were lucky to have a visit from Steve at Rockliffe Raptors last week who brought a selection of owls to see us. This year is Steve's 13th year bringing the owls to our school. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to gather information in preparation for writing a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals. We looked at the owls closely and listened carefully to everything Steve had to tell us. We even got a demonstration of an Eagle owl's silent flight! A huge thank you to Steve for the fantastic visit.
As part of this week's Maths Day, we started our day with a special assembly from Mr Jones who talked to us about how maths is EVERYWHERE! This week 2D have been learning their 3 times table, and both classes are continually practicing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Miss Martin's class also played lots of different maths games - take a look!

Conductors or Insulators?

We have worked scientifically this week to learn about how electricity is conducted around a circuit. We found out that some materials stop electricity from travelling around the circuit, we learned that these are called insulators. Conductors are materials that let the electricity travel through them. We took a look around our classroom and had a basket of materials to test. We predicted whether they would conduct or insulate the electricity before we tested each in a circuit. 
This week we had the opportunity to watch and participate in some Judo games and activities in our KS1 assembly.  A Judo after school club will be running after half term - please see the school office to enquire about places.

Safer Internet Day

For safer internet day, Michael from Altru Theatre Company worked with each year 2 class to talk about how we could be safer when using the internet. We learned about surfing the internet, followers, blocking and reporting and who to talk to if we're unsure about something online. The drama we used helped us to really participate in each activity and remember all of the safety rules. A great morning was enjoyed by all of us!

Let it snow!


Our topic this half term is Let it snow! We have been finding out about different types of animals including reindeer in our science lessons and in our topic lessons we have been researching where reindeer live, what the arctic is like and where in the world it snows.


As part of our topic, we had a special visit from Santa, 2 of his elves and reindeer Biscuit and Freddie. We had a chance to ask lots of questions and take some pictures with our visitors.

Children from 2D presented them with a christmas card they had made to say thank you.


Have a look at our photographs below!

Book Week in Year 2


This week in Year 2 we enjoyed some fantastic activities to celebrate Book Week. The theme for Book Week this year was 'Books that take us on a journey'.


In class, we explored a new book called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. The book was unusual for us because it had no words, just pictures! This meant that we could really investigate every page and dig deeper to find out what could be happening and build our own story. We dived into the book and wrote descriptions of the beautiful settings in the story, using some great adjectives to build our creative writing.


We also had the opportunity to have 2 special visits this week - a visit from our local librarian, who showed us how to join the library and read some lovely stories with us, and a visit from Altru Theatre Company who performed 'The Road to Respect' which explained all about how to show respect for eachother.


Finally we enjoyed a lovely morning in class reading with our families. It was lovely for teachers and staff to see so many family members come into class to share a book with the children. Thank you all for coming!

Storytelling with our librarian

'Road to Respect' Theatre Show

Reading Morning

Signs and Symbols - Baptism

Our most recent RE topic has been 'Signs and Symbols'. We learned about the symbols that are used in Baptism such as the oil, holy water, church doors, white garment, Baptismal candle and the Bible. We acted out Baptism in small groups and talked about what it meant to be part of God's family. The children really enjoyed this topic and are eager to start our new RE topic next week - Preparations.

The children had such a fun and exciting time today when two very talented scientists from

 'Inspiring Science' came to teach the children the importance of hygiene and hand washing. The children were amazed to find out that a common sneeze can travel 7 metres, highlighting the way germs are spread so easily. The children made their very own 'snot' (ewww) and their very own germs to take home to show their families and discuss what they had learned in such a fun way.


This was a wonderful way to get the message of hygiene and how to stay healthy across to the children. 

Luke was our merit winner today so he had double celebrations!

The children in Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon celebrating the Jewish Sabbath meal 'Shabbat'

According to the Torah, Shabbat commemorates the day that God rested from creating the world; the word Shabbat literally means “he rested.” Exodus 34:21 states: “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Shabbat is considered a day of peace and holiness.  The children shared kosher food, prayer and holy songs to celebrate their learning and get a true understanding of this wonderful Jewish tradition. 

The children in Year 2 had a fantastic time choosing the ingredients to make their very own healthy sandwiches. Tracey from Absolutely Catering was extremely impressed with the discussion from the children regarding healthy food choices. The children took home their delicious sandwich to enjoy for dinner with a tasty tub of home made coleslaw. A great day enjoyed by all. 

Using a story map

We have practiced using a story map to retell the story of Dogger by Shirley Hughes. Over the next couple of weeks we will be writing our own stories and using story maps to tell them. 

Counting in 3s

Towards the end of the week, Year 2 have been developing their counting skills and have started to practise counting in 3s. We learned that all the numbers we say when we count in 3s, are part of the 3 times table because they are multiples. We used number squares to help us sequence the numbers when counting in 3s. 

A fantastic musical display!

We were very lucky this week to have a visit from the Merseyside Police Band who played a concert for our whole school in the hall. We listened to classical music as well as popular songs such as Disney hits and even the YMCA! What a wonderful afternoon we had! A huge thank you to the band for paying us such a special visit.

Reading is important!

We all loved having our special objects in school this week. The children really enjoyed choosing a book from the reading area and reading it to their special objects. Keep up the good work year 2!

We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week and used the resources around us to help us count. Lots of practical activities this week in year 2 are helping us to build our skills!

We used hundred squares in class to count forwards and backwards in tens from any number. Eg. 16, 26, 36 etc. 

We played splat, splatting a number and counting forwards and backwards in tens as quick as we could!

Throughout this week, we have been looking at counting in tens and recognising the importance of place value when we count forwards and backwards in tens. We used multilink cubes to make sticks of ten and then represented a number using different maths resources. Keep up lots of practice at home in counting forwards and backwards in tens!

2M bring their special object into school for the day!

As part of our Literacy topic looking at the story Dogger by Shirley Hughes, we brought in our own special objects and talked about why they are special to us. Have a look at our special toys, teddies and books!
We have been practicing identifying numbers between 1 and 100, counting on and backwards to 100 in 10s and 1s and ordering numbers.