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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


When you start the game you will see the Yeti’s question at the top of the page. On one side of the Yeti is the word “Yes” and on the other side is the word “No.” The child reads the question by sounding out and blending the words, and then answers the question by clicking on either “yes” or “no.” 

When you start the game you see a set of cards face down. The children need to make pairs of cards by clicking on two cards to see what is on the other side. Some are picture cards, and some are word cards. Match a picture to the correct word and that pair will disappear. The game ends when the child successfully matches all the card pairs.

Click the play button and choose either of the options from the first or second section (CVCC / CVC & CCVC words). You will see Odd, the green alien, on the left and Bob on the right. A spaceship drops a sweet. Read the word written on the sweet wrapper. If it sounds like a real word, drag the sweet down to the right to give it to Bob. If it sounds like a fake word, drag the sweet down to the left to give it to Odd.

A race against time!


Click the start button, choose a word set and game time (1 or 2 minutes). You will see a phoneme in the middle of the screen between a cross and a tick. The child reads the phoneme aloud. The adult shows whether the child has read it correctly by clicking the cross or tick. When the timer finishes, you will see how many graphemes the child read correctly. 

Play this game with your child, the pirate ship will lower its sail and it will have a grapheme on. Your child will say the sound and if they get the sound correct you can press the tick.