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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Maths Fun

Maths Fun  In  Nursery


The children explored capacity in the coloured water and mud kitchen, reinforcing the concepts of 'empty', 'full' and 'half full'. They enjoyed catching and recognising numbers with their friends in the number pond using fishing nets, and played number Hook A Duck too. The children made co operative constructions using 3D shapes (wooden Community Blocks and foam shapes). They discussed their imaginative ideas and talked about the shapes they used. Children enjoyed taking photographs of shapes they observed in the outdoor environment: look out for circles on small hoops, spools, hanging baskets and tyres, rectangles on block paving, circles on camera lenses, interesting shapes on railings and the slide and shapes in the clouds! Some children couldn't resist taking pictures of the new Avengers and Princess chairs, Hook A Duck and their friends too!

Other children used tape measures to compare the length and height of blocks and constructions. Some children used bucket balances to weigh natural materials comparing the heaviest and lightest. Children followed number lines and ordered numbers zero to ten! Everybody enjoyed the Maths activities at Emmaus Nursery!

Maths Activities

Photos Of Shapes In The Outdoor Environment Taken By The Children