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LO: To explain the importance of the major discoveries in electricity.



Task 1: (Starter task)

Look at the PowerPoint called 'It's electrifying!'.

Read the information and test your knowledge of electricity by playing the 'Are you an electricity expert?' quiz. Record your answers on the sheet provided. 


Task 2 (Starter task):

Look at the sheet entitled: 'Impact of Electricity'. Think about how the appliances we use have changed over time. Sort the items into 'electrical appliances' and 'non-electrical appliances'.


Task 3 (Main Task):

Refer back to the 'History of Electricity' non-fiction text that we read on Monday.

Research either Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla.


Create a research booklet / pamphlet on your chosen person.

Think about the titles that you could use (these may be different according to the person you choose to research). These could include titles such as:

  • Name 
  • Date of birth / death
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Inventions
  • The electric light

Please research as much as you can about Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla. You will use this research next week to write a biography. Therefore, the more facts you find today, the easier your task will be next week.