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PE – Yoga (2)


LO: To link actions together to create a yoga flow.

PogoMusic - Breath LOOP.mp3

Warm Up and Introduction

It creates a nice environment to have the music playing whilst you are creating flows or completing skill development activities. 'Breathe' is a good track to use whilst completing mindful breath activities.



Sitting with good posture, put your hands together. Say 'namaste.'




Take a big breath in for three counts and then out for three counts. Repeat this a few times. 

Imagine a balloon that you try to inflate and slowly deflate.

Make this harder by breathing in and out for four counts each breath.


Sun salutation: 

Using the sun salutation story, copy the poses holding each for three breaths, three counts in and three counts out for each breath.

Repeat the sequence holding the poses for two breaths and finally one breath.

Try to move in time with your out breaths.

Make this harder by completing the flow with eyes closed.

Sun Salutation.mp4

Still image for this video

Skill Development


Yoga poses:

  1. Select five of the yoga cards to complete. 

Yoga poses:


  1. Select five of the yoga cards to complete. 
    1. Hold your pose whilst taking three breaths, each breath in to last for three counts and out for three counts.
    2. Try to concentrate on your breathing, moving with focus and control.



  1. Choose different yoga poses. Try the pose on your card. Can you hold your pose whilst taking three breaths in for three counts and out for three counts? 
    1. After a minute, swap cards. Repeat until you have tried ten different cards/ poses. 
    2. Focus on something still when practising a yoga pose that requires good balance. 
    3. Make this harder by holding the poses with eyes closed. 
    4. Make this harder by linking each of the poses together.



Creating a flow:


  1. Create a yoga flow sequence that includes five yoga poses. Practise your yoga sequence so that you can remember the flow without looking at the yoga cards.
    1. Hold each pose for three breaths.
    2. Make this harder by increasing the number of yoga poses in the sequence.



Mindfulness, snow angel breathing:


Lie on your back with your hands at your side. 

Imagine you are wrapped up, lying down in the snow. 

Breathe in for a count of three, bringing your arms up and legs wide as you do. When you breathe out, bring your arms back to your side and legs back together (like a snow angel).

After a few turns, practise doing this with your eyes closed.

Move your body in time with your breath.

Make this harder by breathing in for four counts and out for five counts.




Sitting in a good 'sitting position', put your hands together in prayer. Say 'namaste'.


  • Think about how yoga made you feel.
  • Were you able to focus on your body scan or did your mind begin to wander? 
  • Which poses challenged your flexibility? Which of your muscles did you discover were more flexible than others?