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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


LO: To plan a time-slip story to the past.

Unit: Time Slips



Write planning notes to plan a time-slip story to the past.



  • What is your character doing at the start of the story?
  • Is it a normal, ordinary day?
  • How does your character come across a time machine?
  • Is it an ordinary object?
  • Is it quite obviously meant to be a time machine?
  • Describe the object / machine.


Middle = Main, longest part of your story.

  • How does your character travel back in time?
  • Did they mean to time travel or was it an accident?
  • What era / time period does your character end up in? Was this intentional? What is going on in History at this time?
  • Where does your character end up?
  • Who does your character meet?
  • What events happen?
  • What is the dilemma that your character faces?
  • Is your character on a mission?
  • Is the experience an exciting / positive one or a frightening / negative one?



  • How does your character get home / back to the present day?
  • Is it easy / difficult to get back?
  • Does your character get stuck in the past? What does he or she do?


Write down all of your ideas in this order so that you are ready to write your time-slip story on Wednesday and Thursday.