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D&T: Bread (unity)

LO: To write a step-by-step recipe, including a list of ingredients, equipment and utensils


Today, you are going to write a set of instructions in preparation for next week - you will be baking bread next Thursday. Please be prepared and ready to bake your bread next week. 




Try to link your final design to our project title: 


We are going to design, make and evaluate a bread product for a family member to show unity

Food Hygiene

Before the half term holiday, you designed four different bread rolls. It is now time to choose your favourite design. 


Before you write out your ingredients, you need to think about the following questions: 


  • Bread topping 
    • Will you top your bread?
  • Shape
    • What shape will your bread be?
    • Will it be a loaf or rolls? 
  • Extra ingredients
    • What ingredients will you add to the dough?
    • Will you add fresh ingredients? 
    • How many different ingredients will you add?


In today's work, you need to:


  • Design your new type of bread.
    • Draw your design and label it. 
  • Ingredients
    • Use a bread recipe 
    • Add your own ingredients
  • Health and Safety
    • Write out some health and safety guidance. You may need to research ideas. 
  • Equipment
    • Write out a list of equipment that you will need 
  • Method
    • Write out a DETAILED set of instructions. Look at examples in cookbooks to help you. 


Remember, you will be asked to BAKE your bread next Thursday. You will need to prepare your ingredients in advance. 


Task Template: