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LO: To run at a steady pace


Warm Up and Introduction


Progressive jog:

Jog continuously to and from an area. After about four repetitions increase your speed to 50% of your max, then 60% and finally finishing on 80% of your maximum.




Perform some stretches. Stretching prepares the body for exercise and helps to prevent injury. Muscle groups often used in running include arms (triceps, biceps), shoulders (deltoid), and legs (hamstring and quadriceps).


Skill Development


Set your pace:

Jog around the area and return in 15 seconds. Then increase to 30 seconds and then to one minute. 



Double the distance:

Run around an area (such as your garden) for 4 minutes. This is a controlled run and so should be done at a steady pace. Each time you pass the start, it counts as a lap.


Take time to rest. 


You will now run for half the time (2 minutes) but must attempt to complete the same number of laps. 



6 minute run:

Run over three times the duration that you have just run (6 minutes) and must be able to run at least double the distance you have just completed.

Different ways that you could approach this: e.g. fast to begin and slow to finish, slow start and fast finish, constant pace throughout.


Running for long periods of time will make you feel both physically and mentally. 


Steady your breathing, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.