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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Icy Investigations

Icy Investigating & Frozen Fun!


We have engaged in lots of wintery themed learning experiences over the past two weeks.  Our visit from the 'Frozen' characters inspired us to write captions for the photos taken with Elsa, Anna and Olaf. 

We learnt about subtraction singing the number rhyme '5 Little Snowmen' and made our own snowmen using playdough, twigs and collage materials.  Our fine motor skills were strengthened when we joined in with an 'ice crystal challenge' using tweezers, tongs and pegs to pick up as many crystal beads in a minute.  Take a look at our photos to share in our Frozen fun...

'Frozen' learning experiences...

Playdough Snowmen

We have had lots of questions and some interesting ideas about ice, snow and frost.  We used the internet and read lots of stories and information books before investigating what happens to water when it is placed in different temperatures.  We decided to try to make some ice to observe in class and developed the scientific investigative skills of predicting, observing, testing and drawing conclusions. 


Our investigation led us to fill 4 balloons with water.  We placed them in 4 different places: in the fridge, the freezer, outside and on the radiator.  We made predictions by thinking carefully about which place would be most likely to change the water balloon into an ice balloon.  Then we waited until the next day...


We discovered how the cold temperature in the freezer had caused the water (liquid) to freeze/change into a solid (ice).  We loved playing with our ice balloons in the water tray and it didn't take long for us to watch how quickly the ice melted in our warm hands back to a liquid once again.