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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Celebrating Eid al-Adha

Celebrating Eid al-Adha


Mrs Caulfield's friend, Mayya, came to Nursery to tell us about celebrating Eid al-Adha. Mayya told us that when the crescent moon is seen, it is the beginning of ten days fasting for Muslims. Many Muslims from all over the world travel on pilgrimage to Mecca where they pray together. It is a festival remembering prophet Abraham from the Koran and the Bible, who trusted and obeyed God. Mayya explained that fasting maent that her family and Muslim friends don't eat or drink until sundown. They don't even drink water!

Mayya told us that when Muslims celebrate Eid they cook sweets and puddings for their family and friends. They share food  and meat together. Muslims also give food to needy families during Eid. Before they celebrate Eid, Muslims go to the Mosque to pray. They wash their hands, feet and faces before they go to pray. 

Miss Rose told us that she had been fasting and celebrating Eid too.

This year Mayya and her family were going to Sefton Park to pray and share food with the Muslim community. We talked about the food we like and we planned a Nursery Eid picnic. We chose strawberries, Cheese sandwiches, vegetable samosas (we saw on CBeebies) and cookies. 

Look at the photos and video clips of our Nursery Eid al-Adha celebrations. Click on the links to watch First Celebrations on CBeebies and the BBC News item on the Muslim community celebrating in Sefton Park.


Nursery’s Eid Picnic

Morning Nursery's Eid Greeting

Still image for this video

Afternoon Nursery's Eid Greeting

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