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VE Day Creative Activities

Prepare to have a VE day party

To celebrate VE Day, the whole country had a party. Today we are going to complete activities to prepare for a party.


Challenge One

Write a list of other food or decorations you will need for your party.


Challenge Two

I have attached some war time recipes. Please choose one to make.

You could read the recipe off this website or download it

Create Decorations for a Tea Party

To celebrate VE day people created decorations such as bunting to decorate their homes. Can you create some bunting or other decorations for your home to celebrate VE Day?  You could have a VE day tea party on VE day and explain to your children you are making decorations for this party.  


You could cut up plain paper or use the templates included.

Rationing / Money Challenge

During the war there was not a lot of food. The government introduced rationing. This meant that you could only buy a small amount of food but it also meant that everyone would get food. Today we are going to ration your food at home. Each snack and meal will cost a certain amount of money e.g. breakfast 10p, banana 5p, crisps 10p… but you will only have £1 (100p) to spend all day. When you have used up all your money you will not be able to buy any more food. The aim of this activity is for the children to understand rationing and recognise the value of different coins. Please be aware that in Reception the children do not need to be able to recognise the coins, they simply need to hear and use the language we use with money. So model what to say and encourage them to play and have fun.

Create medals 

The soldiers celebrating VE day will have received medals.  Can you make your own medal? 


Can you make an aeroplane?  

There are aeroplanes you can go and see in museums that were used in the war. 

Can you make your own aeroplane?  


Music Challenge

Listen to these songs, sung during World War Two. How does the song make you feel? Do you think these songs would have helped the soldiers? Are they happy or sad songs?

Talk about the picture.  Can you write a sentence about it?

Look at the attached picture. What can you see? How do they feel? What are they doing? What would you be doing? Write a sentence about the picture. Remember to use your sound mat and tricky word mat.