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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


PE: Fitness


LO: To perform actions that develop agility.



Warm Up and Introduction

What is agility? 

Agility is the ability to change direction quickly. 


Continuous run:

Complete a 3 minute jog. 

Run at a pace that you can maintain. 

Make this easier by completing a 2 minute run or walking every 30 seconds. 


Now, lead your own stretches. 


Skill Development


Place three cones (or other household objects) in a straight line, 1m between each. Use side steps to move from one cone to another in any order you choose. Try this for 30 seconds and then rest. Then try again. 

If a family member wants to join in, they can mirror your movements and must try to stay with you.

Push off opposite foot to intended direction. Keep a small foot base to change direction. 


Using the same cone/ object layout, run forwards this time, changing direction at any cone you choose. Run for 30 seconds and then rest. Continue as many times as you’d like to. 

Turn your hips to the direction you are running. 

Make this harder by placing the cones closer together. Make this easier by working for 20 seconds. 

Shuttle run: 

Using the same cone layout, run a shuttle. Begin at the first cone, run to touch the second cone, return to touch the first cone, run to touch the third cone and return to the first. Complete as a race, if you’d prefer. See how many they can complete in 20 seconds. 


Cone Slalom: 

Make a line of six cones/ objects 1m apart. Now weave in and out of a line of cones. 

Individually, how many times can they get to the end and back in 30 seconds? Repeat, having allowed rest time to enable you to work at your maximum. Can you beat their score? Why not record your results and email them to us – we’d love to see your scores/ times!

Use small steps, turning hips to face the direction you are running in. 

Make this easier by using fewer cones.

Make this harder by placing the cones closer together. 


Catch me (a group activity – perhaps ask a family member to join you!): 

Create a square area approx. 6m x 6m. This can be smaller depending upon your space.

You are going to be playing inside your square. One person begins as the runner, the other as the chaser. You both start at opposing cones. On the runner’s command 'go', the chaser tries to catch the runner. How many times can the catcher catch the runner in 1 minute? In between each catch, you must re-start by standing at opposite cones. Repeat a few times. 

Sink down low by bending your knees and pushing off to go in a new direction. 

Make this harder for the chaser by increasing the size of the playing area.