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Our Lockdown Memories

Lockdown Memories

On March 23rd lockdown started and we have been staying home and staying safe.  We have also been able to spend more time with our families and make memories together.  


What Are Your Top Lockdown Memories?
Think back to how you’ve spent your time during lockdown, how have things changed and what different things have you done that you normally wouldn’t do such as going for a daily family walk etc.


Write a list of all of your favourite lockdown memories and then choose your top lockdown memory and discuss it.  You may choose to draw a picture and write about it!


Remember to talk about:
- What happened?
- Where did it happen?
- Who else was there?
- When did it happen (evening, morning, day etc)?
- Why you enjoyed it so much...



Do You Have A Favourite Lockdown Song?

You may have heard lots of new and old songs during lockdown, on the radio, TV or the internet.

Choose your top song of lockdown and listen to it carefully.

Try to clap out the beat to your chosen song, once you’ve mastered this you could try clapping and singing along together! It may prove trickier than it sounds!


Can you ring a friend or a member of your family and clap the tune to see if they can recognise it?  Maybe you can sing a line and see if they can recognise it.  

Lockdown Books
During lockdown think about what books you have read or have had read to you. Have you enjoyed them all? Did you have a favourite?


Write a book review of one of these books.  You could write it yourself or ask an adult to help you by scribing what you want to say.  Maybe you could take it in turns to write a sentence.

You could write all about:

  • Why it was your top choice?
  • Why you enjoyed it so much.


You may want to write a review of a book you did not enjoy.

  • Why did you not like it?
  • What would you have changed to make it better?

Read the blurb at the back of your chosen book and read what it says. Could you write a better blurb for the book? Have a go at writing your own blurb remembering to include who the main character is, where it is set and a brief description of what happens in the story. 

Look at the front cover of your chosen book. Can you draw a better one? Remember to include the title of the book, the author’s name and your name as the book cover illustrator!

What Have You Achieved This Year?

Spend some time talking with your adult about what you have achieved this year. Maybe you can do something now that you couldn’t do at the start of school year such as riding a bike or counting to one hundred.  I bet there are many things you can do now, such as read a book and write a sentence.  We hope you feel very proud of how much you have grown and how many things you can now do.  


You could make an 'I Can Book' by folding a piece of paper in half, to remind yourself of how special you are and how proud you should feel. 




Try to think of what new skills you would like to learn while in year one, what you need to do to achieve them and who could help you such as your teacher or parents.


Write a list of goals to set yourself for the end of year one and put it somewhere safe. You can look back on this list this time next year and tick off all of the fantastic things you have achieved!



A Form To Record Your Favourite Memories

Looking forward to the Future

As we are coming to the end of a very unusual academic year.  It’s time to start looking forward to the future and what moving to year one will mean.


Talk with an adult about what might change when you move year groups, what will be different and what will stay the same.


Talk through any worries or concerns you may have about moving up to year one.