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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

You are a Superhero


Can you make a superhero mask?  

You will need to draw out the shapes you want and cut around them. 


You could do this with cardboard from your recycling box and paint the shapes with the colours you want.  

Can you make your own superhero goggles?  


You could uses pipe cleaners or straws to hold them on your face.  



Can you make your own superhero wings?


You would need to create arm bands, draw and cut out the wings and attach the 2 together.  

I wonder how high you will fly?  

Design your own Superhero

You could use the template provided or draw one yourself, maybe you have a roll of spare wallpaper and could draw around yourself and create a life sized superhero?  


Think about what your face would look like, how would you be feeling?  


You could colour, paint or create your superhero out of confetti created by cutting up cards, magazines, boxes, etc.  


We hope you have a lot of fun being creative.  


If you have a cape, can you make a real one?  How will you attach it?