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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Home Learning during Closure

3CB are moving up to 4J to be taught by Mr Jones.

3W are moving up to 4H to be taught by Miss Hall.

Click on the Emmaus shell to be directed to the Y4 page on the website which will tell you more about what to expect in September. We know you'll have a fantastic time with these amazing teachers (but we will miss you so don't forget to give us a wave when you see us!)

How we can help stop racism

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This video clip is from this week's Blue Peter. The three presenters, Mwaksy, Richie and Lindsey, discuss racism which has been in the news a lot over the past couple of weeks.

Racism can be very upsetting to experience and uncomfortable to talk about. But it's really important that you speak out about your feelings if you are upset by what you have read in the news or heard online. You can always speak to a parent, teacher or trusted adult about the subject.
To find out more about how we can help stop racism, click on the Blue Peter image to head over to their website. There is a second video there in which Richie and Mwaksy share their personal experiences of racism and along with Lindsey, give some advice about how you can play your part in ending racism for good.

Emmaus is involved with Show Racism the Red Card, which is the UK's leading anti-racism educational charity. Last year some of our pupils attended the annual Show Racism the Red Card event at LFC Anfield. This featured guest appearances from Reds players past and present and club representatives. EFC host a similar event. It's great that our two amazing football teams are helping to tackle racism in society.

Lightning storm (Saturday night)

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Wow! Last night there was a lightning storm that lasted for about an hour. Here are some of the video clips we took in the Buckland household, for those of you who missed it.

While We Can't Hug

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Hi Y3


It's been such a long times since we saw you last and we miss you all. It's been great to see, on our new blog, some of the things you have been enjoying during lockdown and we've loved seeing some of your faces at the hub school. The messages you post us on the end of the Purple Mash tasks are lovely too and we are making sure we reply to all of these.

Please don't feel overwhelmed by all that appears on this page. That is not our intention. We simply want to provide activities that you can dip in and out of. Lots of the things we link to will be revision for learning we have already covered in school. If you have an interest in something that is not on our 'curriculum' then find out more about it anyway! It will be wonderful to share what you have discovered during your time away from us, and will make our reunion in Emmaus all the sweeter! Take care!


The Y3 team x

Our VE Day message from the staff

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Y3 Blog on Purple Mash

This is a safe space where we can share work and catch up while we're away from school. Only children logged in to Purple Mash AND in Y3 from Emmaus can see this page. Anything you post will only appear on the blog once Mrs Walsh, Mrs Cooper or Mrs Buckland approve it. We see everything you write so make sure it's kind.


We would especially love to see anything you have created - you can upload photographs and documents to this blog. That means if you've done a piece of writing in Word or created a PowerPoint, you can attach the documents. If you've done a drawing, baked a cake or made an amazing creation from Lego then you can attach a photograph. If you have found an interesting website then we'd love to share that too. Watch the video below to find out how to attach.


Once a teacher has approved your post, all your friends in Y3 will be able to see it and comment on it (again these will need approval before they are visible to everyone). It would be really lovely to hear what you think of your friends' masterpieces. 


We can't wait to hear from you!

Video instructions for using our blog

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Starting on Monday 20th April, BBC Bitesize will be hosting three lessons every day - maths, English and one other subject. The lessons will include videos, interactive tasks, downloadable worksheets and games. There is currently one week to view. Some of these lessons will tie in with work that we have set, others may not. Either way, choose the ones that interest you. All learning is worthwhile and will stand you in good stead for when we return to Emmaus. 

Each week Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Buckland, and Mrs. Cooper will update the Year 3 Displayboard on Purple Mash to celebrate work that has really impressed them. 

When you log in to Purple Mash click on the sharing icon and then the Year 3 Displayboard. 

Fun curriculum linked resources to get you moving while you learn! smiley

Maths, English, French, science, PSHE and more. Have you got the energy to try these out? Have your parents got the energy to join you?! wink

If you're getting tired of your grown ups' music tastes over this break, have you tried Fun Kids Radio? It's the UK's children's radio station for kids, families and parents. It's a great station that you can listen to online, through a DAB radio or on the Fun Kids app. It only plays great music, has stories and jokes, fun facts and (this is the bit that really might appeal to you) no news. At a time when the news on the radio can seem rather scary, this station doesn't play regular news updates. It also has amazing competitions. Tune in and listen when you fancy a change!

St. George’s Day, celebrated on the 23rd April each year, is a religious holiday celebrated by Christian churches to represent the Feast of Saint George.


Find out more by downloading the documents below - information on a PowerPoint, maths and word puzzles and a biography task and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar!). Choose the *** rating that suits your level of difficulty.

A message from all at Emmaus

Still image for this video

We won't be posting any school work since it is now the Easter holidays. Enjoy the break! The only thing that we will continue to upload is 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' story as there are only five chapters to go. We will finish it in time for Easter!


The staff will continue to work at the childcare hub based at Holy Name Catholic Primary School, Fazakerley.


Love, hope and prayers for all from the Y3 Team x 

This has been doing the rounds on social media today and looks like a lovely way for children to record this time of 'living history'. The full document is attached below and is 11 pages long. Not a school task as such but what a lovely thing to look back on in the future - something to show their children and grandchildren!
Good news! The staff have been receiving daily fishy updates from Mr Capps-Jenner who has been visiting Emmaus every morning (before he opens up at another nursery) to feed our new friends. They're in good health smiley but are missing your friendly smiles!

Scavenger Hunts

What happens if my child can't find their log in details or didn't bring them home?

If your child hasn't got their log in details for Purple Mash or TT Rock Stars, simply fill in the form below using YOUR name and email address. Please include your child's name, your child's class and the site your child can't access in the MESSAGE - we will then send the details out to you.