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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


PE – Yoga


LO: To develop an understanding of yoga and to develop flexibility through the sun salutation flow.


Warm Up and Introduction

What is Yoga?

Calm music

Begin in a good sitting pose. 


Yoga is exercise for the mind, body and our breath. It makes us strong, flexible and helps us with our thoughts and feelings. 


'Namaste' is a word often used in yoga. Namaste is how we say hello and goodbye. It is how we thank each other for a yoga class. Place your hands together, palm to palm, in the centre of the chest and bow your head say 'namaste'.


A good sitting pose is legs crossed, back straight, hands resting on knees with palms facing upwards. Touch the index finger and thumb together. 

Mindfulness body scan:


Lie down on your back in 'sleeping pose'. 


Take three big slow breaths in and out that last for three counts each. 


Continue breathing slowly, this time with your eyes closed. Stay in this position while you do a mental body scan. 


Focus on your toes and ankles, then your knees and legs. Recognise the feeling in your stomach and your chest, your shoulders and your arms.


Can you notice any tension in your face and/or body?


Place your arms down by your sides and your legs hip width apart. Allow your feet to flop out to the sides. 


Forwards, backwards, sideways:

Stand in a space. Travel around the area in the direction called:

  • Forwards: jogging forwards
  • Backwards: jogging backwards
  • Sideways: side steps

Make this harder by thinking of your own method of travelling in the different directions.



Skill Development


Let's stretch:

Complete the following:

Breathe and focus: 

Sit in a good 'sitting pose.' 


Take a big breath in, raise your shoulders up to your ears as you do so. On the sigh out of your mouth, allow the shoulders to drop back down.


Repeat ten times.


Completely fill your lungs as much as you can and then completely empty them on the out breath.


Sun salutation: 

In yoga, a sun salutation is a 'salute' to the sun. It is a series of yoga poses that create what is called a flow. When continuously practising sun salutations, it helps to develop strength and flexibility.


The flow goes:

Mountain pose – back bend - forward fold – lunge - plank pose – cobra pose – down dog – lunge - forward fold – back bend - mountain pose.




Sun Salutation Story

Sun Salutation

Still image for this video
  1. Have a go of the poses. Stay strong and grounded in each pose. Hold each of the poses for three breaths.
  2. Read the Sun Salutation story.  Ask a family member to read the story to you whilst you create the poses.  Repeat the flow a few times.
  3. Challenge: complete each of the poses for four breaths, then progress to three breaths, two breaths and finally one breath. Move from pose to pose in time with your breath. Make this harder by completing the flow with your eyes closed.



Mindfulness, body scan:

Repeat the body scan from the warmup. 


Lie down on your back. Close your eyes and take three big slow breaths in and out that last for three counts each. Stay in this position while you do a mental body scan. Focus on relaxing your toes and ankles, then your knees and legs. Relax your stomach and chest, your shoulders and arms. Can you relax your face and whole body lying really still?



Lie still with your eyes closed.


When your mind starts to wander, try to gain focus again by concentrating on your breath.


Sitting in a good 'sitting position', put your hands together in prayer. Say 'namaste'.


  • Think about how yoga made you feel.
  • Were you able to focus on your body scan or did your mind begin to wander? 
  • Which poses challenged your flexibility? Which of your muscles did you discover were more flexible than others?