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RE Welcome Theme: Doll's Baptism

As part of the Welcome theme, Deacon Chris Housbey came to visit Nursery and talk about baptism. We dressed up as parents, God parents and the priest. We used a doll for the baby. The morning children's baby was named Annabel and the afternoon Nursery named their baby Rosa Carly.

Deacon Chris talked about us all having our special names our parents chose for us. He explained that baptism is a welcoming into the church, God’s family. He showed us how to make the sign of the cross on the baby’s head and pour water over too, using a shell. Jax said that it was 'like a bath' and Deacon Chris explained that in some churches adults are baptised by walking into a pool which is like a big bath and they are immersed under the water.  Deacon Chris explained that the sign of the cross on the baby's head reminds us of Jesus and the shell reminds us of our journey of faith as God’s family. The children looked for shells and crosses on their uniform. Deacon Chris showed us a baptismal candle, which reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. We used special oil to make the sign of the cross on the doll's head, before we baptised her using water and the shell. 

Mila told everyone she was Christened when she was a baby. Jacob told everyone he goes to his Nan's church and Zachary told the class about his baptism. Zachary said that he was Christened 'in the church' he said that, 'Mummy, Daddy, Miller and Nanny Marie came.'

In the role play we will be have a Christening party and in the water play we will be baptising dolls this week.


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