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Spring Term 2

'Egg-citing' news in Reception...

9 new arrivals!


We received a very special delivery this week – 10 hen’s eggs!  We have been fascinated observing the eggs and ensuring they were kept safe and warm in their incubator, looking out for any changes as the chicks grew inside.  




We were so excited on Tuesday when a tiny hole in one egg developed into a bigger crack and then, during lunchtime, the first baby chick hatched!  We then watched each of the eggs hatch over the next 24 hours, using our ipad to record any overnight arrivals. 



We have been fascinated to watch the new arrivals in their brooder box ‘fluff up’ and begin to cheep!  It was great fun drawing up a shortlist of names for our 3 boy and 6 girl chicks.




This amazing experience has been planned as we begin our RE topic of ‘Easter’ and exploring Lent – “a time to grow more like Jesus”.  Caring for the eggs and witnessing the chicks hatch has given us a fantastic opportunity to understand that, with God’s love, we are all able to grow in a very special way from the “inside out”. 



Click here to watch a slideshow of our exciting week hatching eggs!


Gathering around the Campfire!


We were very excited to be invited to Everton Early Years Centre to join their 'Winter Campfire' session.  This fitted in perfectly with our current R.E. topic, 'Gathering'.



When we arrived, we dressed in waterproof suits then we set off to help prepare the campfire!  We listened carefully as we were told how to behave safely and sensibly, then we were all given a job to do, scrunching up the paper for the fire.   We sat still as the fire was lit then we watched as the flames began to get bigger!



We really enjoyed taking turns to kneel by the campfire and toast our own marshmallows!  We discovered how much the marshmallow had melted when we squashed them in between two chocolate biscuits...we had made our own 'smores'!  It was so exciting sitting back around the fire and enjoying our hot sticky treats with a mug of chocolate milk. Mmmm!!



What an exciting morning we had!  Despite the very stormy weather, we had so much fun around the winter campfire with our friends.  When we came back to school, we talked about how gathering together had made us feel:


"cosy", "warm", "excited", "happy", "comfy"...


Thank you to all our helpers and the Forest School staff at Everton Early Years Centre for braving the weather and helping make this an unforgettable experience.