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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Have you filled a bucket today?

"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"

Author Carol McCloud reads her book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"

This week we have a happiness theme.  Listen to the story linked above, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today." 

This heartwarming book can lead to wonderful conversations about how every child can be kind and have a positive impact on others.   Please spend time talking about the difference a smile, a hello or a positive comment can make.  


We have a variety of activities your child may wish to complete below.  We hope you have fun and spread the happiness.  



Can you write a note or draw a picture to make someone smile?


This could be your neighbour, a member of your family or a friend from school.


You could post it, ask your family to photograph it and send it electronically or keep it safe and give it to them the next time you see them.  


Could you describe how people make you happy?  Then ring someone you love and use one of your words to tell them why you love them? 

This is an excellent talking activity and can help to build your vocabulary too.  


Can you brainstorm as many words as you can that describe what makes you happy?  


Think about someone you love and what they do that makes you happy.  Don't forget to tell them and make them smile. smiley



Could you make your own bucket?  

It is always fun to be creative. 

Will you draw it or make it out of your recycling?  How can you make a handle?  What colour will it be?  How will you decorate it? 


If you would like to see these images slightly larger the Word document with them on is linked below. 

Can you make a happiness stone and share your happiness?  


You could paint a stone or sellotape a picture you have drawn onto a stone.  If you leave it on the doorstep of someone you know imagine their smile when they see it.  Maybe you want to leave it somewhere a stranger will find it and it will make them smile.  



Could you make a happiness biscuit and make someone happy?  

Who would you give it to?



Can you draw around your head and arms, cut them out and send someone a hug?

This is a great talking, pencil control and scissor control activity.


If you lie down and ask someone to draw around your head and arms then you can draw on your facial features and your clothes.  

If you cut it out and fold it up carefully then you can post or give it to someone who may need a hug. 

Who do you know who may need a hug?