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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy has produced an art lesson all about Andrew Goldsworthy and you will be creating a piece of work inspired by the artist. We learnt all about this artist in school!

Lockdown, making memories!!


Salt dough


Ingredients for this size:

500grams of plain flour

250grams salt

250 millilitres of water (add slightly more water if necessary)

Bake in oven on lowest heat for 3 hours or until rock hard (this one took about 4 hours)



▶️Mix the flour and salt then add the water

▶️Mix into a dough

▶️Roll out onto flat surface into a shape about 1-1.5cm thick (remember to sprinkle some flour down to prevent sticking)

▶️Place on a baking tray

▶️Make hand imprints (as deep/clear as possible)

▶️place in the oven on the -lowest heat possible- and leave for 3-4 hours or until completely solid top and bottom. (Or you can leave to air dry for a couple of days in a cool dry place- this is the best option if you only have self raising flour)

▶️Paint with your choice of paints/colours (Or you could use acrylic paints)

▶️Seal with any kind of varnish or sealer to preserve it. Varnish, modpodge, PVA and water mix


Make sure the bottom is rock hard before taking it out the oven 😃

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