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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus


LO: To understand how fossils are formed and explain what they teach us about living things from millions of years ago.

A fossil is the preserved remains or traces of a dead organism. The process by which a fossil is formed is called fossilisation.


Look at the PowerPoints and Pdf documents: 'Fact sheet Fossils' and 'How are fossils made cartoon'.



Watch: BBC Bitesize clips – ‘How are fossils made?’ and 'What can we learn from fossils?'



Task 1:

Create a step by step guide to show the process of fossil formation.

Use scientific topic words as well as diagrams outlining each stage of the process.

Choose your own template from the selection below - or draw your own.

Task 2:

Answer the following question in detail:

What do fossils teach us about living things from the past?

Task 3.


Play the  'True' or 'False' fossil quiz