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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

You are a superhero

You are a superhero!!


You have stayed at home, stayed safe and helped your families. 

We are so proud of you for being a superhero!


Talk to an adult about how you have helped them and remember how brave you have been, staying at home during lockdown and staying safe.  


You could discuss how strong and brave you have been and remember that if you ever feel worried about anything you need to remember that you are a superhero.  You can always imagine yourself dressed in your superhero costume and remember that superheroes don't get hurt in their special costumes.  


Can you design your costume and discuss or label your superhero powers?  

Have a look at these and think about what you will draw?




What is your Super Power?


  • Are you Super Caring?  ... kind to everyone you meet?
  • Are you Super Smart?  ...very good at learning new skills?
  • Are you Super Energetic? you have a lot of energy?
  • Are you Super Determined? you never give up and always try your best?
  • Are you Super Smiley? ...does your smile make everyone else smile and brighten their day?



Maybe you also have super powers like the heroes on television?  

  1. Flying.
  2. Invisibility....
  3. Super Strength. ...
  4. Psychic Powers....
  5. Time travel....


Add your powers to your drawing and display it so you never forget that you are a superstar!