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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

'The Day the Crayons Quit'

The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers

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Comprehension Questions:


Enjoy the story and here are some comprehension questions you may choose to ask:


✓ Why are the crayons upset?

✓ Why are some crayons much shorter than others?

✓ Are there any crayons that seem never to have been used? Why might this be?

✓ Which is Duncan's favourite crayon? How do you know?

✓ Which crayon would you most like to cheer up?

✓ Which colour is stuck in the box? Why?

✓ Which two crayons want to colour the sun? How do you know this?

✓ Which is the angriest crayon?


For more comprehension questions and more information about why they are so important please click on the link below:

Additional Literacy Ideas to complete after reading and talking about this book:

These are ideas that you could do together with your child.

You could choose one or more and have fun together.  You could work together, deciding what to say.  You may write what your child says, your child could write it themselves, you could take it in turns to write a sentence each and you could write the rest or your child could write the final sentence. 


If you write, you could make many mistakes, such as missing capital letters and full stops.  Maybe you spell the digraphs incorrectly or spell a tricky word incorrectly.  Could your child spot these errors?  


  • Write a new letter from one of the crayons to Duncan.
  • Create a comic strip or a mini book of the story, showing certain crayons and write captions for how they are feeling.
  • Write a new story about everyday objects that decide to quit.
  • Write a conversation between two (or more) of the crayons.
  • Write Duncan's replies to the crayons' letters.
  • Write a story about a magic, multi-coloured crayon. What might happen to the person that uses it?