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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

Dylan's Reptile Time

We had a very exciting time meeting Dylan's reptiles and other pets. We developed our observational skills, listening and understanding, communication and confidence too while we had fun learning about the creatures.

We met Smeagol the corn snake from South America. (He used to live at Mrs Caulfield's house before her son went to university.) Smeagol is 10 years old. Dylan told us about snakes smelling with their tongues and having no eyelids. Many children held Rosie the Chilean Rose tarantula. Dylan told us that she shakes her abdomen and flicks out hairs when she's scared.Rosie has 48 knees 8 legs and 8 eyes! Dylan's boa constrictor Stretch was very heavy! Dave the tortoise moved so slowly because of his heavy shell. 

Jabba, the giant African bull frog, stuck out his tongue and ate a grub. The children touched Sparky, the bearded dragon from Australia, he had scales. Dylan told us that lizards detach their tails when they are attacked so they can escape and then they grow another!  Brian the blue tongued skink comes from New Zealand and is smooth to touch. 

Click on the links below to look at our photos.