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Tous Ensemble, En Chemin Avec Jesus

You are a Superhero


Comprehension Questions


Here are the questions to answer:

1) Who escaped from the freezer?
2) Where did Supertato find the Evil Pea?
3) How did Supertato catch the evil Pea?
4) How did everyone feel when Supertato saved the day?


After the story can you discuss...


  • What was your favourite part of the story?

  • If you could change one thing in the story, what would it be?

  • Can you retell the story in order?

  • Why did you like this book?

Supertato Veggies in the Valley of doom - Books Alive! Read Aloud kids book

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Books Alive! Read aloud The 3rd book in the amazing super spud franchise by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Nat Fantastic read by Mrs Warrender

A supercharged sneeze at bedtime turns normal boy Nat into a miniature superhero, whizzing through the air in his amazing silver pyjamas!

Super Daisy: And the Peril of Planet Pea!

A novelty picture book reading by children's author Kes Gray.

My Mum is a Supermum

Ninja Nan

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

What do you need to be a superhero? Here are ten rules for you! Written and illustrated by Deb Pilutti.

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker

Sometimes superheroes are not in very good moods. However, they always seem to make the right decisions.